The 44th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society


We will present 6 presentations at the annual meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society (July, 28-31, 2021).

Please look forward to it!


Ryo Sasaki [1S01m-05] Neural circuits for risk-return decision making

Oral presentation:

Reona Yamaguchi [3O12a-1-02] Global disinhibition associated with recovery of hand movements after spinal cord injury

Satoko Ueno [3O09m-2-03] Massive re-routing of the corticospinal tract after spinal cord injury in the macaque monkeys


Wajd Amly [2P-108] Comparison of task performance and saccade kinematics between gap and oculomotor delayed response (ODR) task in common marmosets.

Masahiro Mitsuhashi [4P-153] Role of the interhemispheric pathways for the recovery of dexterous hand movements after the corticospinal tract lesion in macaque monkeys

Saya Kitazume [4P-168] Activity of frontal network for performance of arm movement in a blindsight monkey

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