The 43rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society


We will present 9 presentations in the annual meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society ( Please look forward to it!

Symposia: [4S05m] Academic trends towards understanding and overcoming addiction

Isa Tadashi [4S05m-02] Cortical and subcortical mechanism of reward-based decision making


Satoko Ueno [1P-018] Massive re-routing of the corticospinal tract fibers accompanying recovery from spinal cord injury in macaque monkey

Masahiro Mitsuhashi [2P-097] Contribution of interhemispheric pathways between the motor-related cortical areas during recovery after the corticospinal tract lesion in macaque monkeys

Reona Yamaguchi [2P-098] Global disinhibition across cortical networks for recovery of hand movements after spinal cord injury

Toshinari Kawasaki [2P-099] Resting-state functional connectivity with electrocorticography as a biomarker of motor recovery after spinal cord injury in macaque monkeys

Chih-Yang Chen [3P-108] Mapping saccadic representation in the frontal cortex of common marmoset

Yoshinori Koshimizu [3P-111] Distribution of axon collaterals of ventral tegmental area-cortical motor area projection neurons in rats: a study with double infection of retrograde and anterograde viral vectors

Kaoru Isa [3P-132] Retrospective fear: fearful emotion caused by activation of the efference copy signal for escape behavior from superior colliculus to amygdala

Hirotaka Onoe [3P-147] Modulation of prefrontal neural network by the optogenetic manipulation of the ventral tegmental area using a novel LED probe device and highly efficient viral vector system

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