The 45th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society


Our researches from graduate school of medicine Kyoto University and Human Brain Research Center can be seen at the 45th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society in Okinawa. Looking forward to seeing at the meeting!

  • Symposia [3S10m] Elsevier/NSR Symposium Mechanisms for Subjective Experience

Tadashi Isa [3S10m-02] Neural circuits and cognitive capacity of blindsight macaques

  • Oral

Masahiro Mitsuhashi [3O07a2-02] Change in contribution of the interhemispheric pathways to the recovery of dexterous hand movements after the corticospinal tract lesion in macaque monkeys

Reona Yamaguchi [3O07a2-03] Global disinhibition associated with recovery of hand movements after spinal cord injury

  • Poster

Masatoshi Kasai [2P-229] Effects of light isoflurane on direction and orientation selectivity in mouse superior colliculus

Rikako Kato [2P-320] Caudate neurons encode the saccade goal in non-retinocentric coordinate frame : implication for reinforcement learning in an exploratory task

Tatsuya Umeda [2P-336] Sequential contribution of descending drive and afferent feedback to muscle activity during voluntary limb movements

Wajd Amly [1P-245] Longitudinal analysis of primate progressive synucleinopathies model revealed slowing in saccade reaction time.

Ryo Sasaki [3P-084] Optogenetical adjustment of the balance between risky and safer decision

Tomo Okada [3P-331] Non-wired insert coils for high-resolution MR microscopy using a human 7T-MRI system.

Megumu Takahashi [2P-096] Morphological analysis of GABAergic neurons in the mouse claustrum.

Shin-ichi Urayama [3P-309] A Skull-Fit 8-channel phased-array Coil (SFiC) for high-resolution macaque MRI

  • Late-Breaking Abstracts

Takamichi Tohyama [1LBA-035] Changes in cortical response to non-paretic hand stimulation in monkeys after spinal cord injury: a longitudinal fMRI study

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