第100回 日本生理学会大会


いよいよ2週間後に迫った 第100回日本生理学会大会 (3月14日(火)~16日(木)@京都国際会議場)では、当研究室から以下の演題を発表します。ご期待ください!

  • シンポジウム

[1S07a] アディクションの神経生物学「報酬とリスクの柔軟な意思決定を導く脳回路機構」

  • ポスター

[1P-013] Neural mechanisms of retrospective fear; revisiting James-lange theory of emotion with optogenetics

Yang Fang
[1P-048] Clarification of pathophysiology of neuropsychiatric disorders of genome-edited macaque monkeys

[1P-058] Contribution of the interhemispheric pathways to the recovery of dexterous hand movements after the corticospinal tract lesion in macaque monkeys

[2P-004] The corticospinal projections after the motor recovery from spinal cord injury in macaque monkeys

Sun Yiping
[2P-054] Deep learning-based quantitative analysis for macaque hand dexterity

Chen Chih-Yang
[2P-057] Functional mapping and anatomical tracing of the saccade related region in dorsal frontal cortex of common marmoset

Wajd Amly
[2P-218] Longitudinal analysis of the primate progressive synucleinopathies model revealed prolongation in saccade reaction time

[3P-001] Neurofeedback Learning of Cerebellar Brain Inhibition in Patients with Spinocerebellar Degeneration -A proof of concept study-

Xiyao Yu
[3P-005] Visual awareness in V1-lesioned Macaque

Ho Kuan-Ting
[3P-015] Cortical beta-band activity in common marmoset performing visually-guided saccade task

[3P-018] Excitatory and inhibitory connectivities associated with global disinhibition promoting functional recovery from spinal cord injury

[3P-054] Decoding oscillatory power signals during risk-return decision-making in the prefrontal and premotor cortices.

[3P-064] A novel virtual reality task for measuring strategic decision-making for balancing the reward and cost

Richard E Veale
[3P-065] Visual attention in 9- and 12-month human infants and adults versus macaque and marmoset monkeys

[3P-067] Neural population dynamics of multidimensional economic variables in mesocortical pathway during risk-return decision making

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