Tomohiko Takei

Tomohiko Takei


Program-specific Associate Professor

  • #motor control
  • #motor learning
  • #functional recovery
  • #neurophysiology
  • #computational neuroscience


My research interest is on the neural mechanisms of motor control.


2018-present Program-specific Associate Professor, Hakubi Cente/ Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University
2014-2018 Post-doctoral fellow, Centre for Neuroscience Studies, Queen's University
2012-2013 Section Chief, National Institute of Neuroscience
2009-2011 Staff scientist, National Institute of Neuroscience
2009-2009 Postdoctoral fellow, National Institute for Physiological Sciences
2008 Ph.D. Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University


Selected awards
2018 Encouragement award for research of laboratory primates, The Corporation for Production and Research of Laboratory Primates
2018 Best research article award, National Institute of Neuroscience


Takei, T., Lomber, S.G., Cook, D.J., and Scott, S.H. (2021). Transient deactivation of dorsal premotor cortex or parietal area 5 impairs feedback control of the limb in macaques. Current Biology.

Yaron A, Kowalski D, Yaguchi H, Takei T, Seki K. Forelimb force direction and magnitude independently controlled by spinal modules in the macaque.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2020 Oct 15:201919253. 

Oya T*, Takei T*, Seki K (*These authors contributed equally); Distinct sensorimotor feedback loops for dynamic and static control of primate precision grip; Communications Biology; 2020 Apr 2

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