Ryo Sasaki

Ryo Sasaki


Assistant Professor

  • #decision-making
  • #visual perception
  • #neuroscience
  • #psycophisics
  • #computational neuroscience


My research interest is to understand the neural meachnisms for flexible and dynamic decision-making.


2018.4- Present Assistant professor, Kyoto University
2017.9-2018.3 Program-Specific Assistant professor, Kyoto University
2015.7-2017.8 Research associate, University of Rochester
2010.7-2015.6 Postdoctoral fellow, University of Rochester
2009.4-2010.6 Postdoctoral fellow, Juntendo University School of Medicine


Ryo Sasaki, Hironori Kumano, Akinori Mitani, Yuki Suda and *Takanori Uka; Task-specific employment of sensory signals underlies rapid task switching.; Cerebral Cortex, in press

*Ryo Sasaki, Akiyuki Anzai, Dora E. Angelaki, Gregory C. DeAngelis; Flexible coding of object motion in multiple reference frames by parietal cortex neurons.;  Nat Neurosci. 2020 Aug;23(8):1004-1015. 

Sasaki R, Angelaki DE, DeAngelis GC; Processing of object motion and self-motion in the lateral subdivision of the medial superior temporal area in macaques.; J Neurophysiol; 2019 Apr 1

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